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At Timberwolf Environmental Services Ltd, we understand the unique needs of construction projects when it comes to erosion and sediment control. Erosion control is a critical design challenge that impacts the long-term performance of infrastructure, while sediment control is aimed at mitigating environmental impacts during construction.

Trust Timberwolf Environmental Services Ltd for all your erosion and sediment control needs. We have the experience, expertise and equipment necessary to help ensure the success of your construction project while protecting the environment. Connect with our team in Northern Alberta for solutions.

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Erosion control is an essential part of any construction or landscaping project. Without proper erosion control measures, soil erosion can lead to a range of issues, including slope instability, sediment pollution, and damage to nearby water bodies. At Timberwolf, we provide a range of erosion control solutions that are tailored to your specific needs.


A few erosion control products we use, include:

  • Check Dams

  • Coco Matting

  • Silt Fence

  • Straw Wattles (sediment logs)

  • Rock Weirs


Protecting your property from soil erosion is critical for maintaining the integrity of your landscape and preventing environmental damage.

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