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At Timberwolf Environmental Services Ltd, we have been specializing in secondary containments since 2011 in Northern Alberta. We have an extensive knowledge base in constructing secondary containment facilities for tanks, drums, or other containers. We offer several options for long-term or temporary spill containments tailored to meet your needs.

Our team of experts provides a complete range of secondary containment services, including geomembrane liner installation, liner integrity testing, geotextile, design, fabrication, and construction services for all containments. We can construct containment walls with heights ranging from 14” to 68” to suit your specific project requirements. Contact us today to book our services.


At our company, we assist our commercial and industrial clients secure their operations by building custom secondary containments. In general terms, secondary containments contain the liquids in a 'primary' structure, such as a container or tank. These liquids are hazardous and can cause contamination. The presence of secondary containers can prevent the leakage of these liquids so they don't seep into the surrounding habitat and contaminate applicable areas.

Secondary containments are required by provincial regulations. Failure to meet these regulations can cause liabilities and legal issues which disrupt your downtime. 

We can fabricate and install secondary containments in Bonnyville, Grande Prairie, and surrounding areas. We design these structures per your site's unique requirements and ensure they add value and functionality.

Please contact us to learn more about how we can help you. Our team can also help you with remediation, erosion, vegetation control, dewatering, site decommissioning and more.


Industries that regularly use or require secondary containments in Western Canada are

  • Electrical power: Secondary containment structures ensure that any electrical hazards or dangerous materials are efficiently contained and controlled, stopping environmental issues in the electric industry.

  • Military and government: Secondary containment is essential in the navy and government centers to control and manipulate unsafe substances, ensuring compliance with environmental guidelines.

  • Hazardous materials: Industries dealing with risky substances rely on secondary containment to prevent leaks and spills, shielding the environment and ensuring a safe place of work.

  • Railcar and railroad: Secondary containment solutions are important for railcar and railroad operations to manipulate potential spills while transporting and storing risky materials.

  • Petroleum and liquid terminal: The petroleum industry requires sturdy secondary containment structures to manage spills and leaks at liquid terminals, safeguarding against environmental dangers.

  • Hydraulic fracturing: Secondary containment plays a key function in hydraulic fracturing operations to resist the spread of chemicals and fluids, minimizing the risk of infection.

  • Oil and gas drilling: In this industry, secondary containment is critical for controlling spills and leaks, protecting the surroundings and complying with regulations.

  • Construction and building: Secondary containment is used in construction and building projects to control and comprise spills of hazardous substances, ensuring environmental safety.

  • Farm and ranch: Farms and ranches use secondary containment to manage agricultural chemical substances, prevent accidental spread and protect the environment.

  • Municipality and utility plants: Municipal and utility plants require secondary containment structures to handle chemical compounds and waste substances and ensure secure and compliant operations.

Call us today to learn more about our services regarding secondary containment in Western Canada.


Our secondary containment systems have various liner options and configurations to accommodate your project needs. We can provide you with pile boot installation and bottom or top mount systems per your requirements. Timberwolf Environmental Services Ltd offers various configurations to fit any project, including systems with oblong corners, 90-degree corners, or radius corners. We can modify existing secondary containment systems to match your changing needs, providing a flexible and cost-effective solution for your containment needs.

Our expert team offers a comprehensive range of secondary containment services, including installing LLDPE/HDPE liners, geotextile, design, and fabrication services suitable for all containment sizes. Our one-stop-shop solution caters to all your containment needs, providing installation, maintenance, expansion, and repair services for new and existing systems.

At Timberwolf Environmental Services Ltd, we believe in providing the highest quality services to our clients, ensuring that their secondary containment system complies with regulatory requirements and best industry practices. 


Are you in need of environmental solutions that add value to your site? You're in the right place. At our company, we offer a range of environmental solutions, including secondary containments in Bonnyville and Grande Prairie. There are many reasons to choose our services, such as:

  • We have years of experience

  • We offer comprehensive services

  • We seek to enhance the value and functionality of your project

  • We use customized solutions to meet your needs

  • We use the latest technology and cutting-edge solutions

  • We have an in-depth understanding of the area

  • We offer excellent customer service

If you'd like to discuss your project with us, please get in touch. We can work with you to devise custom solutions that meet your needs.


Contain Your Oil & Gas Site

We provide a flexible and cost-effective solution for your Bonnyville & Grande Prairie containment needs.

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