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Timberwolf specializes in resource development areas, including lease sites, access roads, pipelines, and post-construction locations; we offer custom on-site remediation services (testing and cleaning up contaminated soil and groundwater) and reclamation support (to restore land to its natural state), including haul out. Our reclamation services include vegetation and erosion control, soil moving, soil replacement, soil tackifying, hydroseeding, mowing, and gravel supply.

If you have a project in Northern Alberta that requires site remediation and reclamation services, please contact us at Timberwolf Environmental Services Ltd. We would happily provide you with a consultation and a quote for our services.


Remediation reclamation involves restoring land stricken by industrial activities to its herbal country. This system is crucial in Alberta because of its expansive oil and fuel operations. Timberwolf Environmental Services Ltd focuses on this issue, providing comprehensive answers for land rehabilitation. Our services ensure that affected sites are cleaned and revitalized, allowing ecosystems to recover and lowering environmental effects. 

We employ superior strategies and adhere to strict regulatory requirements, ensuring that reclaimed land meets safety and ecological necessities. The company contributes to sustainable land control and environmental responsibility by specializing in powerful remediation reclamation in Alberta.

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Our services start with decommissioning, which involves the safe and environmentally responsible removal of equipment and infrastructure from the site. We then move on to Phase 2 coring, which involves the collection and analysis of soil and water samples to determine the extent of contamination.

Once the extent of the contamination has been determined, we begin our remediation services. This can involve various services, including mowing, discing, and dewatering to remove any contaminants from the soil. We also offer hauling services to transport contaminants away from the site.

Our team is also experienced in earthworks, including the excavation and grading of the site to prepare it for reclamation. We offer rock-picking services to ensure that the site is free from any hazards. Post that, we offer mulching and fencing services to ensure that the site is safe and secure and the soil remains fertile.

We also offer vegetation control services, including seeding and harrowing, to restore the site to its natural state. Timberwolf Environmental Services Ltd is committed to ensuring that the site is fully restored and meets all regulatory requirements. Book our quality remediation services by filling out our e-form today.

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Upon identification of a recognized environmental condition or potential soil contamination in a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA), clients often request Phase II Environmental Testing to evaluate the extent of the contamination. Phase II ESA typically involves drilling boreholes using a drill rig or hand auger to collect soil samples for laboratory analysis.


The requirements for reclamation in Alberta are

Oil and Gas Sites Reclamation Requirements

Reclamation requirements for oil and gas sites are

  • upstream oil and fuel sites,

  • sweet or sour energy plants, and

  • pipelines.

Mine Reclamation Requirements

Reclamation necessities for mines are

  • coal mines and processing factories,

  • oil sands mines and processing plants, and

  • coal and oil sands exploration events.

In Situ Reclamation Requirements

Reclamation necessities for in situ tasks practice to

  • more desirable restoration in situ oil sands procedures,

  • heavy-oil processing industries and

  • oil manufacturing sites.

Call us today to learn more about our services regarding reclamation.


Timberwolf Environmental Services Ltd is here to help you with all your requests regarding reclamation in Alberta. Please reach out to us with any queries, project inquiries, or service proposals. Our group is devoted to supplying efficient and dependable environmental offerings. 

Call us at 780-826-9806 or e-mail us at We are here to help your reclamation projects and ensure a sustainable future for Alberta.


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For more information regarding our reclamation services in Alberta, you are welcome to get in touch with us and discuss your further requirements with our team.

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